Friday, June 17, 2005

Lotus seed dessert-sticky paste

300 gm lotus seed
2 tsp bicarbonate soda
230-250 gm sugar (depend how sweet u wan)
1 litre of water

Paste mix:
75gm potato flour
125ml of water

*1. Bring water to boil, add in lotus seeds and 2 tsp bicarbonate soda, boil for 10 mins. Off fire, do not open the lid then let it soak for half an hour. Wash the lotus seeds under tap water for 3 times and drain.

2. Steam lotus seed for 30 mins. Leave it a side. Dissolved 2 tbsp of sugar in a pot, then fry it, add some more sugar gradually, continue to fry until the sugar turn hard and brownish. Add 1 litre of water to the brownish hard sugar, do not sitr, let it cook under high fire.

3. Once the sugar is dissolve, add in the paste mix, stir well, then let it boil until you see bubbles. Add in steamed lotus seeds, stir well. Ready to serve.

*Note: alternatively you may put hot water to soak the lotus for half an hour, change the water every half an hour, for 3 times, the last time will hv to bring it to steam with the hot water for half an hour. After steaming, drain away the water set aside, then can proceed to prepare the sticky paste.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Yam Pandan Pudding

(A) Ingredients
100g Water chestnut (without skin)
200g Water
10g Instant jelly
40g Sugar 4
0g Pandan juice+water
10g Hoon Kueh Powder

(B) Ingredients:
150g Steamed Yam (without skin)
50g Water 200g Coconut Milk
7.5g Rice Flour
7.5g Hoon Kueh Powder
1/4 tsp Salt
40g Sugar

1. Mix Pandan Juice and Hoon Kueh Powder well. Bring Sugar, water, water chestnut, instant jelly to boil.

2. Add in Step (1) and boil again. While boiling, make small mini pandan leave cups, measure the pandan leave by folding into 5 square, cut 4 parts half edge of the leave. Optional - you may use small jelly cup instead of pandan leave.

3. Once its boiled, pour the mixture into the small jelly cup or pandan leave cup in half-filled. Steam skinless yam for half an hour. Mixed all the ingredients (B) (except steamed yam) and bring to boil.

4. Once you see bubbles, low fire, put in the steamed yam then bring to boil. Add a bit of purple dye, stir it until colour is well blend. Keep on stirring until boil. Once it boiled, pour coconut mixture on top of mixture (A) and bring to set.

5. Once it cool, can put in the fridge, to be serve as cold dessert.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Barley & Green Beans

This is simple recipe but very nutritious, I saw this recipe in a chinese web page, decided to try it myself today..its looks simple but after taking it, the body feel much better cause of the hot weather recently.

200g green beans
200g barley (chinese kind)

4 cups of water
230 gm sugar
1 stalk of pandan leaves (tear into strips then tied into knot)


1. Wash the barley & green beans clean then soak with hot water for 1 hour. After 1 hour, pour away the water and drain dry them.

2. Put water, sugar & pandan leaves boil together. Once got the fragnant of pandan leaves, remove it away from the pot. Until sugar is dissolve, water is boiled, Add in the soaked ingredient.

3. First high fire...until you see bubbles...turn to low fire.. Once the beans break, barley turn soft, off the fire. Ready to serve.

Green Beans & Barley helps to cleanse the body reduce water retention, Barley can reduce face freakle from growing while green beans can cool down the body systems.

Friday, June 10, 2005

3-Colour Glutinous Rice Balls (Tang Yuan)

1. Yam Glutinous Rice Ball (Purple)
100 gm glutinous rice flour
3 tsp tapioca flour
3 tsp fine sugar
120 gm mashed yam (steam for half an hour & mash it while it warm)
50 ml water a few drop of purple coloring

2. Pumpkin Glutinous Rice Ball (Orange)
100 gm glutinous rice flour
3 tsp tapioca flour
3 tsp fine sugar
120 gm mashed pumpkin (steam for half an hour & mash it)

3.Pandan Glutinous Rice Ball (Green)
100 gm glutinous rice flour
3 tsp tapioca flour
3 tsp fine sugar
6 pieces of pandan leave (pounded - add 100 ml of water to the pounded pandan leave and squeeze the green coloring out)

Sweet Coconut Milk (White-colour Soup):
2 coconut (add 6 bowls of water to squeeze out the milk) OR
500 ml of packet coconut milk (available from supermarket)
280 gm fine sugar
5 pieces of panadan leaves
1/2 tsp of salt

1. Prepare 6 bowls of water to boil, add in the pandan leave to get the fragrant.

2. Once you smell the pandan leave fragrant, remove pandan leave from the pot if not the water will taste bitter.

3. Once got the pandan leave fragrant, add in the sugar to boil then follows by the coconut milk, if its a packet kind, let it boil a while then off the fire. Prepare the dough for the Yam Glutinous rice ball.

4. Put 100 gm glutinous rice flour in a bowl, add 3 tsp tapioca flour and 3 tsp fine sugar mix them well, then add in the mashed yam. Until the yam are well blend with the glutinous rice mixture.

5. Make them into small balls, then cover the balls dun try it dry up. Then you can go & prepare the pumpkin & pandan glutinous rice ball. Repeat method 1 & 2 for Pumpkin & Pandan Glutinous Rice ball.

7. Prepare half a litre of boiling water in a pot, once water is boil, drop in some small balls into it, prepare a bowl of cold water, do not let the water overboil with bubbles.

8. Put in the balls, let it cook in the hot water, then put in cold water if you see bubbles, this is to retain the hot water temperature, do not let it overcooked the balls. If it overcooked, the ball will break, once the ball float up, scoop up and put in cold water for a while.

10. Soak a while then drain dry. Prepare sweet coconut milk in a 250 ml bowl then add the 3 colour-balls when served.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Red Ruby Dessert (thai dessert)


800 gm water chestnut
500 gm coconut milk
2 tbsp tapicoa flour (for dusting)
1/4 tsp red colouring

4 cups of water
230 gm sugar pandan leaves (cut into strips)


1. Prepare the syrup first. Bring those ingredient of syrup to boil until smell of pandan leaves fragnant off the fire let it to cool down. Wash & peel off the water chestnut skin. Soak in water and drain it. Cut them into cube then drain them dry.

2. Add in few drops of red colouring, Add in tapioca flour then mix it until dry then it become red ruby. Boil water until boiling hot, add the red ruby into it. Drop them one at a time, once they are cooked, it will float in the water. Then scoop up the cooked red ruby then put them in cold water. Drain dry the red ruby and set aside.

3. Add 500gm of coconut milk to the cold syrup. Then add in the drained red ruby. Its ready to be serve. It tastes exactly like the red ruby dessert we had in those kopitiam dessert stall.

(ref: Mdm Lee's Dessert-making)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Coconut Red Bean Jelly

200 g of red bean
13 g of powder agar agar (Rose brand)
300 g of sugar
500 ml of coconut milk
120 g of cornflour
1 tsp red colouring
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
750 ml of water (part of this from balance of red bean water)

1.Soak the red beans in hot boiling water for 30 mins, change hot water every 30 mins, for 3 times. (Do not wash the red beans with cold water or tap water first). Then send to boil until cooked and soft (not spitted) - 5 bowls of water (abt 1.5 litre of water) to boil with the red beans. Once red beans is cooked, drain off the water, (keep the red beans water for later use)

2. Mix coconut milk, corn flour, salt together - set aside. Mix Sugar, Agar Agar well. Then add water, also water (red bean balance water), send to boil and stir until dissolved. Then added in No.3 mixture, red colouring, vanilla. Still boiling, use a whisker to stir, until bubbles appears add in cooked red beans, then stir again until it turn thicken. Pour the solution into the mould to let it set, when it cool down, keep in fridge for serving.

Optional: replace the red bean with a can of creamy corn.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Almond Jelly

13 gm Agar Agar Powder (flower brand)
400 gm sugar
1600 ml water
100 ml evaporated milk (carnation brand)
1/2 tsp almond essence

1. Mixed sugar with agar agar powder until will mixed. Add 1600 ml of tap water to the mixture. Bring over to fire then stir it under high fire.

2. Stir until dissolve, then put it aside to cool down. Once it slightly cool, add in evaporated milk, almond essence. Then sieve it, put them into 2 rectangle tray, to let it cool down faster.

3. After 2 hours later, it is ready set, can put inside the fridge. To serve it with fruit cocktail or longans as cold dessert.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dessert: Multi Coloured Ondeh-Ondeh

400g Glutinous Rice Flour
350g Thin coconut milk = 150g fresh coconut milk + 200g water

150g Palm Sugar (Gula Melaka)
300g Grated White Coconut
1 tsp salt
1 dsp glutinous Rice Flour
40g water

For Coating:
200g grated white coconut 1/2 tsp salt *Steam for 5 mins

1. Mix glutinous rice flour with coconut milk together to form a dough. Prepare filling: cook gula melaka and water till sugar dissolve. Add in grated white coconut and salt.

2. Cook until dry before adding glutinous rice flour and mix well. Divide dough into 3 portions with different colors. Cover the 2 portion with a mixing bowl, then take 1 portion to divide into smaller pieces and make into ball then press flat and put the filling in the centre then wrap up.

3. Prepare a tray with plastic paper then place the balls on the tray. Do the same for the 2nd portion & 3rd portion also. Once the grated coconut is steamed, put on a tray let it cool. While you boil water, once you see bubble, put in the glutinous ball, high fire, then prepare 1 cup of tap water, once you see bubble, pour in the water, to control the boiling temperature, do it 3 times (this is to prevent the ball from breaking up).

4. When you see the balls float up, scoop them up and coat with grated white coconut before serving.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ondeh Ondeh (using sweet potatoes)

500 gm sweet potatoes (skin off)
110 gm tapioca starch
50 gm water

250 gm gula melaka (cut into cube)
300 gm skinned grated coconut (add 1/8 salt & steam for 3 mins then leave to cool)

1. Peeled, sliced, steamed and mashed the sweet potatoes. Mix the mashed sweet potatoes & tapioca starch with water. If the sweet potatoes too dry, add some water.

2. This dough have to knead until it is soft. Divide the dough into small portions, put a piece of gula melaka into each ball, drop the ball into the boiling water. Once you see the water boil after drop in the ball, add cold tap water to reduce the temp, so that the ball will not break as it was boiling.

3. Then observe this time, again the temp is raised, the water start to boil, you see bubbles, add another time of cold tap water, then let it start to boil again. This time when you see the ball start to float up when the water starts to boil, scoop it up then roll it over the cold steamed grated coconut.

4. Remember to roll it over when the ball is hot, so that it will stick with the grated coconut. Once the ball is coated with grated coconut, it will be ready to serve.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Marble Sesame Seed Kueh

White Sesame Seed Batter/Layer

(A) Ingredients
50g white sesame seed (roasted & blend)
10g wheat starch
30g rice flour
60g tapioca flour
100g water

(B) Ingredients:
120g coconut milk
40g coconut milk (to be added after A & B ingredients are mixed)
20g fresh milk
80g sugar

1. Mix ingredients (A) together. Bring Ingredients (B) to boil. Then pour in ingredient (A) and mix evenly.

Black Sesame Seed Batter/Layer
(A) Ingredients
50g black Sesame seed (roasted & blend)
10g wheat starch
30g rice flour
60g tapioca flour
100g water

(B) Ingredients
130g coconut milk
20g coconut milk (to be added after A & B ingredients is mixed)
100g brown sugar

1. Mixed ingredients (A) together. Bring ingredients (B) to boil, then pour in ingredient (A) and mix well.

Method: (steaming)
1. Grease baking tin 7" x 7" and line with paper. Pour in 1/2 cup of the White sesame seed batter. Steam for 4 mins. Remove from steamer, pour in 1/2 cup of Black sesame seed batter and steam for another 4 mins. Repeat the layering and steaming with different batter for each layer (5 times each).
Last Layer steam for 15 mins. Remove from steamer and let it cool.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Lotus Roots-Sweet

500gm lotus root (shredded)
2 egg white
260gm rock sugar
6 bowls of water (250ml x 6)
1 stalk of pandan leaves

1. Boil water, when see bubbles, add in shredded lotus roots, pandan leaves. Once smell the fragrant, remove pandan leaves from the boiling pot. Add in rock sugar to boil together, stir once a while.

2. Let it cook until rock sugar is dissolve. Then you see bubbles coming out, off the fire. Cover the pot, remove away from the stove. Pour the egg white then cover a while. Ready to serve as hot dessert.