Saturday, December 23, 2006

CNY Vegetarian Cooking Workshop

CNY Vegetarian Cooking Workshop I conducted by Ms Shannon Ang on 22 Dec 2006 (friday) @ Cairnhill cc.

花開富貴Golden Needle Mushrooms Soup with Tofu
黃金蒸糕Steamed Sweet Potato Cake
水果羅惹Fruit Rojak

CNY Vegetarian Cooking Workshop II conducted by Ms Shannon Ang on 29 Dec 2006 (friday) @ Cairnhill cc.

酸梅果凍Sour Plum Konnyaku
楓糖甜薯Sweet Potato In Maple Syrup
酒酿湯圓Rice Dumpling In Wine

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cream of Mushroom (simple & easy)

Cream of Mushroom (simple & easy)

1 block of butter (wt.250gm (buttercup brand))
1 pkt of fresh mushroom (shitake) - cut into small cube (wt.200gm)
800 gm of fresh milk (full cream)
6 tbsp of plain flour
1 litre of chicken stock
2 pieces of knorr chicken stock (1 piece = 1 tbsp of chicken stock)
170 gm of fresh cream (nestle brand)
2 pieces of yellow onion - chop finely
salt & pepper to taste


1. Rinse the well-cut mushroom clean then set aside drain dry.

2. Cook the butter inside the pot under fire, use wooden scoop to fry.

3. Butter slight melted, add in the finely chopped yellow onion, then stir, reduce fire to medium.

4. Add plain flour to stir in, then fry well, add mushroom, stir, add chicken soup to stir well.

5. Add fresh cream to stir for 1 min, then add a bowl (300ml) of fresh milk first, stir them

6. Do not cover, stir and let it cook until thicken, in a slow fire, once thicken then off fire.

7. Add salt to taste, stir, if too thick, add fresh milk to dilute it - no fire below the pot.

Crispy chicken wings (hawker style)

Crispy chicken wings (hawker style)

5 pcs chicken wings (slightly cut in between the joints)

Marinate with chicken wings with:
1 tsp salt
½ tbsp sugar
½ tsp pepper (or black pepper)

Dry Flour Mixture (no water is involve)
100g self-raising flour
2 tbsp chicken stock powder (knorr brand)
1 tsp pepper powder

1 egg whisked (optional)

1. Slight cut in between the chicken wings joints, then marinate them with salt, sugar, pepper, for ½ an hour and above, Keep in the fridge. (must wrapped with plastic bag) – airtight. After ½ an hour or more, prepare the dry flour mixture, put self-raising flour, chicken powder into a mixing bowl, then add pepper, then sieve them.

2. Put in the well-marinate chicken wings to mix with the flour paste well, then set aside, while you prepare the oil for deep frying.

3. Prepare about ½ of kg into the wok, once the oil is hot enough put in the chicken wing to deep fry.

4. Put the in the chicken wing with the joint touching the oil onto the wok first, let it cook the joint, then stir a while.

5. When it look slight cooked, then turn the chicken wing skin facing the wok to cook. When the chicken wing turned golden brown, it is ready to be serve.

P.S. this is an extraction of the Nasi Lemak Workshop, I have learned from Danny Cheok @ Clementi cc.